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Industry Sort by Industry Location Sort by Location Show Descriptions Listing Price sort by priceAsking price that the seller has placed on the business Down Payment sort by down paymentInitial amount paid at time of purchase by Buyer, typically in cash. (From Buyer personal funds or Buyer's loan) Gross Sales sort by gross salesTotal sales or revenues generated by a business during a specified period of time (typically one year) Adj. Cash Flow sort by cash flowPre-tax cash benefits accruing to a single-owner operator of a business over a period of time (typically one year). May include such items as owner's salary, interest expense, non-recurring extraordinary expenses, and other benefits enjoyed by an owner. Total Assets sort by assetsAll assets owned by the Company. This may include both tangible & intangible assets, tangible assets are usually furniture, fixtures, equipment, rolling stock, inventory and real estate.
110117 - Cabinet & Furniture Mfg.
17401-DS - Manufacturing/Installation Aluminum Prods.
SouthWest Florida
91796317 - Signs|Sign Companies
North Central Florida
92403523 - Well Established Cabinet Manufacturing Business
Fort Myers
95101158 - Manufacturing|Mfg-Wood Products
Lee County
95102189 - Manufacturing|Mfg-Metal Products
Lee County
95105607 - Manufacturing|Mfg-Silk Screen Products
Lee County
95106020 - Manufacturing|Mfg-Cement Products
Manatee, FL
95109065 - Manufacturing|Mfg-Promo Products
Ft. Myers
95109067 - Manufacturing|Mfg-Industrial Products
Collier County
95109074 - Construction|Handyman Service
Ft. Myers
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Please note: This list contains businesses that are offered on a co-operating basis by members of the AFLBB. All information listed is provided by the Seller for information purposes only and no representations are made by Listing or Selling Broker as to its accuracy. Brokers encourage Buyer to independently verify the data. All listings herein are exclusive to the listing offices as of the date of submission.
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